Welcome to bioPanel

bioPanel is the first retail panel in the organic-food industry acting on an international scale. As data experts we are specialized in health food shops, organic supermarkets and chain stores, organic food delivery service and online shops. We can support your enterprise, too, through:

  • Category Management
    • Assortment optimization
    • Shelf optimization
    • Optimization of product listing
    • Consulting in shelf space allocation

On the basis of consumer needs and your marketing strategy, we develop, together with you, the optimum assortment and optimum shelf placement. Should you be interested in our measures related to Category Management, just let us know.
Retailers who make their data available to the panel, benefit from our cost-free services in return:

  • Data analyses
  • Market research

Have you shied away from analyzing and evaluating your sales figures on your own up to now? Or has shelf space optimization been a closed book to you? No problem: We will guide you through the jungle of numbers and show you how to correctly interpret the signposts of our analyses. You will learn more about it on the following pages ...